There are multiple ways to contact me:

The website would not be possible without the help i've gotten from the following people:

UntitledQ who has been incredible, helping me with tons of stuff. Without him nothing here would work.

My two brothers who spent countless hours testing stuff

Bikswee without whom the website would still look like this

KayKay, Jack Bauer, man

Recent changes:

- Added first HQ Server with higher resolution screenshots. Server isn't that stable yet, pretty slow and I had to use the old screenshot method which will show overlapping windows if that happens... I'm just waiting for a windows 10 update. But at least the results are pretty
- The test with multiple instances of csgo on one pc is going ok, but I was having problems with the pc running out of memory. I've ordered more so hopefully I can run more servers on it starting tomorrow.

- First time running multiple servers on one machine (3 to be precise). We'll see how it goes :)

Forgot to update this page for some time. Here are a couple of updates
- added premium access (priority queue, custom screenshot times, custom logo)
- finally using directx capture for images, which means no more overlapping windows updates
- updated the tool that gets me float/patternindex. Big thanks to KayKay who told me how the gc handles too frequent requests, which helped bringing the failed requests pretty much to an end.
- bought a hdmi dongle which lets me run the servers without having idle monitors connected.
- added more information to the screenshots list
- added page for top donators. Big thanks to Jack Bauer who donated an insane amount of keys/skins
- removed all ads from android app because it made no money

- Changed a lot of the server code, taking screenshots should now be faster and queues hopefully not as long.

- Added flip and butterfly fade slider

- Had some problems with screenshots that were taken too early.
I made a couple of changes that will hopefully stop that from happening again. We'll see

- Made it possible to retake screenshots.

- Added fade sliders gut knife and karambit.

- Added fade sliders for m9 and bayonet.

- Now displaying phases for dopplers.

- Added Database
- Added Help Section

- Fixed a bug where an item that the server failed to screenshot multiple times would be stuck in queue forever. The server now retries to screenshot those items if the queue is empty.