Valve just released a beta version of the long awaited Panorama UI.
When this update is released it will more than likely break because it completely replaces the inspect function which is used to render screenshots.
I don't know when this will happen, but you can get a list of the screenshots you requested here:
Download them if you want to keep them. No idea when Valve will release the update, but better safe than sorry ;)




Screenshot fails

This happens if my servers fail to open the inspect link.
You can check if the inspect link is valid by entering it on

If the inspect link is valid (checked on there has to be some kind of bug on my end.
Sometimes my servers are buggy for a couple of minutes so it helps to retry it again. If it fails repeatedly I'd be very thankful if you could send me the link so I can debug it.

If fails to display item information, it's very likely that the inspect link is faulty. In that case there is not much I can do. There are two things you can try in that case:
1. Try going to the profile of the skins owner and try to get a different inspect link from their inventory. That almost always works.
2. Click on the tiny csgo item, this should open a small dropdown menu with an inspect link. Use this one if the other one does not work. Screenshots:
Thanks to Sm0res and Gapples for helping me test the workaround.